For Musicians

Become a Master Musician Children are Composers!
 Do you love music, teaching and working with kids especially 3 to 8 year olds?
Do you already have a private music school? 
Or do you teach music in a music school?

Learn how to inspire people with the magic of music. 
Learn how to teach complex music theory in a playful and creative way!

Experience-based learning, active playing, improvisation and composition 
are the basics of our music methodology!
growing through music!
What do we have to offer you?
With this creative method you will discover with your students the MAGIC of music through GAMES!

The children will learn in a PLAYFUL way the music notes, the rhythm and harmony. 
They will create their own music pieces and express themselves through the universal language of music.

This training is developed and given by the composer Hanne Deneire.

We love to share our EXPERTISE, RESEARCH and EXPERIENCE of the last 20 years.

You can start this training any moment when & whenever you want at your own pace. 

We will always assist you in YOUR MUSICAL JOURNEY as a musician and as a teacher.
You can always contact us with questions or remarks. We prefer by mail.
This training will give you INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION 
to ENJOY & GROW in your musical journey.
Children are Composers is applied live in House of Music Belgium, Kenia,  Mexico, Croatia, Suriname, The Netherlands and Jordan. 

More than 2000 children worldwide enjoy this creative method daily!
Hanne Deneire is a visionary symphonist of 
Music & People. She developed this music 
method to learn music in a playful way and stimulate 
children through creating their own music story. 
Do this training at your own pace, from home whenever you have time.
We unit lovers of music & education all over the world!
As we grow children through music, we also GROW you as musician!
Would you like to join our CREATIVE COMMUNITY of Master Musicians?  
So, how do you become part of this amazing community of creative & playful music educators? 
After the full training you can get your Membership to be official 
Children are Composers ambassador and teach Children are Composers.

During the training you will already feel the support and inspiration of the worldwide team!
We will do everything to let you become the best music educator & creator that is inside you!
Ella, 3 years old, performing her rhythmical piece she wrote herself!
How Does Children are Composers Work?
  • Through GAMES & INTERACTION children will discover the MAGIC of music.
  • ​Children LEARN in a PLAYFUL & ACTIVE way all the music notes, rhythm and harmony.
  • ​Children will CREATE their OWN musical story.
  • ​Through the universal language of MUSIC children EXPRESS themselves.
  • ​Music will DEVELOP their personality.
  • ​They discover different INSTRUMENTS so they can make their personal choice.
  • ​The FIRST CONTACT with music is GUARANTEED to be FUN.

Dima Thaboub, Pianist (Jordan)

Ricardo Lievano Flores, Percussionist (Mexico)

Lenneke Nijst, Singer (Belgium)

Selena Trifunovic, Pianist (Serbia)

Children are Composers @ 2020 House of Music