Become a Master Musician 
of Children are Composers!
 Do you love music, teaching and working with kids from 3 to 8 years old?
Learn how to inspire kids with the magic of music. 
Teach complex music theory in a playful and creative way!
We Grow Children Thru Music!
We are so happy to welcome you to our international TEAM of Master Musicians! 
So, how do you become part of this amazing community? 
The training is divided in 3 phases and looks like this: 
First phase (18h) 
The complete online Master Musician training Module 1 is perfect to get started.
It consists of the basics and in an observing and reflective way you learn the Children are Composers method.
 It includes also challenges and examples in different contexts: individual sessions, group sessions, schools, ...
Second phase
Observation. There is the possibility to do this live or online. 
A music camp is ideal because you can experience different ages and levels of Children are Composers.
Third phase (3 day LIVE Training
This is a live Teacher Training in a country of your choice. (at the moment, this is in Belgium) 
Here we will test your Master Musicians skills one last time and work on the finishing touches. 
The upcoming training is in Belgium: 24 – 27th of August 2019. 
What does this training cost? 
For the ONLINE TRAINING, you pay a total of $397.
For the INTERNATIONAL LIVE TRAINING, the total sum is $495. 
The LICENSE you get when finishing the entire training, is $499. 
This needs to be renewed every year for 299€/ year. 

This LICENSE includes all the possible SUPPORT you need from us
* skype-meetings
* Q&A’s 
* Promo Materials...
* Graphics: logos, flyers...
* Models and schedules...
* Musical material as books, music boxes...

As a MasterMusician you get reduction on the material of Children are Composers.
So you can sell it directly to your Pupil Musicians.

 In Belgium, our team consists of 40 Master Musicians and they are all eager 
to share their insights and experience with you. This team is already very international. 
In total we speak 12 different languages, and come from all over the world: Mexico, Israel, Russia, Serbia,... 

Do this training at your own pace and from home.
We unit lovers of music all over the world!
As we grow children thru music, we also YOU GROW!
Ella, 3 years old, performing her rhythmical piece she wrote herself!
How Does It Work?
  • Through GAMES & INTERACTION children will discover the MAGIC of music
  • ​Children LEARN in a PLAYFUL way all the music notes, rhythm and harmony
  • ​Children will CREATE their OWN musical story
  • ​Through the universal language of MUSIC children can EXPRESS themselves
  • ​Music will DEVELOP their personality
  • ​Every episode, a new musical INSTRUMENT is DISCOVERED
  • ​The FIRST CONTACT with music is GUARANTEED to be FUN
What Do We Offer?
Children are Composers has been PROVED in House of Music Belgium in the last 21 years. 
THOUSANDS of children have discovered the joy of music through this creative method.

You can follow this TRAINING Children are Composers at HOME whenever you have the time.

This musical JOURNEY is real QUALITY TIME for you as a musician, parent, entrepreneur.
Children are Composers is the most CREATIVE method 
to discover the MAGIC of MUSIC for young children. 
You Will Have FULL Access To:
  •    Full Training with over 650 minutes of ACTION and INSPIRATION 
  •  Musical MISSIONS & VARIATIONS to do in group and individual
  •  Q&A for an optimal creative and educational DEVELOPMENT
  •    COMMUNITY of musicians, teachers, schools and parents  
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Children are Composers is also applied live in House of Music Belgium, UK, Kenia,  Mexico and US. 
Online we have around 995 kids following the program at the moment.
Hanne Deneire is a visionary symphonist of 
Music & People. She developed her own music 
method to learn music in a playful way and stimulate 
children through creating their own music story. 
What Others Are Saying...
I have the pleasure to know Hanne on personal and professional level rather well.
She is an outstanding composer and wonderful artist. 
Not only has she great ideas, she also has the courage and energy to work them out till the last bit. Something very rare, nowadays. 
And did I mention her huge heart? Can’t wait to work with her in the near future….
Eliot Lawson, Violin player

Collaborating with Hanne 
is every time a source of inspiration 
and an explosion of oxygen.

Koen Kessels, Conductor

I rarely met someone who combines musical toptalent with social engagement so well. Hanne proves that music is the connection between people. 

 Meyrem Almaci, Politician

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